Technological advantages and components

The advantages of Cruiseship technologies are based on the experience and achievements of mankind in the fields of road construction and vehicle creation. By taking the best that had been done before us and learning from others’ mistakes, we are creating the safest, most affordable and reliable transport system that ever existed.

The innovative nature of Cruiseship technologies is shaped by a unique and effective combination of widely known engineering and technological solutions. Each element of the Cruiseship transport system is not something unique by itself – unprecedented constructive and exploitative characteristics are achieved by the nature of connections between these elements.

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Cruiseship Gets Approval for New PortMiami Cruise Terminal

Cruiseship has received approval for its new cruise terminal at PortMiami from the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners on April 9.

The company would design, construct, operate and maintain a large building that hosts two cruise terminals (AA and AAA) as well as two berths. The terminal would support the company’s expanding presence in North America, and particularly in the Caribbean, according to Cruiseship.

The new PortMiami terminals will be capable of hosting two mega cruise ships at the same time, allowing the company to conduct two turnaround operations simultaneously, handling up to 28,000 passenger movements per day.

“With another 13 cruise vessels due to join our fleet in the next eight years, our ambition is to have our most innovative ship classes represented at PortMiami,” Pierfrancesco Vago, Cruiseship Executive Chairman, said.

Cruiseship currently operates four vessels out of PortMiami, Cruiseship Seaside and Cruiseship Armonia year-round, Cruiseship Divina seasonally, and Cruiseship Meraviglia, which will join the ships sailing from Miami this fall, seasonally. With the new cruise facilities, the company will bring a total 1 million guests through PortMiami each year.

Work on the new terminals is scheduled to commence in early 2020. Cruiseship estimates that the construction would be completed by late 2022, at which time the company would transfer all its PortMiami operations to the new terminal.

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